3 Beaches in Puerto Rico you will love

It’s easy to discover why Puerto Rico’s nickname is “La Isla del Encanto,” as it is home to miles of amazing beach fronts where you will find all the beautiful shades of sand and water you will find in any other destination in the Caribbean, making of Puerto Rico an easy pick for those looking.
From the moment of your arrival to San Juan, amazing stretches of sand will be waiting for you, along with lodging options for any traveler and budget. The best you can do when visiting a destination you haven’t been before is to book your ground transport in advance, relying on your driver’s local wisdom to let you find the city’s best hidden spots. For that matter, Elife offers the best and most comprehensive set of ground transportation services for your upcoming vacation in Puerto Rico.
The real beach magic begins when you leave the city. Several miles of beach, both crowded and unexplored, will be waiting for you on your upcoming visit. And then there are islands like Culebra and Isla de Vieques, which are home not only to amazing stretches of white sand and turquoise sea, but also excellent snorkeling and diving thanks to a still thriving coral reef system. Today, we have 3 best beaches options for you to visit while in Puerto Rico.

Luquillo Beach


30 miles east of San Juan, Luquillo Beach is one of the most charming spots on the island. The long crescent-shaped stretch of mesmerizing golden sand is lined with palms and backed by a usually calm stretch of turquoise sea that is great for swimming, as well as a perfect place for walkers and runners.
You will find everything you need to spend a lovely day at the beach: restrooms, showers and changing rooms with lockers. There are also local food vendors to be found just outside the entrance and even a camping area in case you want to spend the night there.
If you’re not much of a swimmer but still love water sports, you can rent a kayak or try out fly-boarding. The El Yunque National Forest, one of Puerto Rico's top natural attractions, is also located just beyond the beach and it’s a smart choice for a combined day trip, exploring its natural beauty and wildlife.

Playa Sucia

Playa sucia-1

Don’t let its name trick you (Spanish for “dirty Beach) as Playa Sucia is the most beautiful beach in Cabo Rojo, at the southwest tip of the island. A short walk separates the parking zone from this gorgeous strip of sand and clear turquoise water perfect for swimming. Considering its location, this beach is rarely crowded, and it is likely to be deserted during weekdays.
The Cabo Rojo's lighthouse lies also in the area, famous for its stunning views, especially during sunsets. While area, visit Buye Beach, a neighbor beach with the same calm waters and a cool, relaxed local vibe that you will find amazing.

Condado Beach

Condado Beach-1

A place that will make you feel you were suddenly transported to Miami, located in San Juan's hip Condado District. Here, you will find a unique mix of people, from celebrities to families with little kids and honeymooning couples, a great chance to feel the famous Puerto Rican vibe.
If your plans in Puerto Rico go no further than its Metro area, then Condado Beach is a no brainer, since it will allow you to have your deserved amount of beach fun during your stay exploring the marvels of San Juan.
If you're not staying at one of the hotels lining golden lined beachfront, then you'll have to pay for get proper seat and shade. The Atlantic Ocean currents here are strong, so we suggest you to be cautious in case you’re not a great swimmer. However, on Condado you’ can also find the usual set of paid water sports options that will make you feel at paradise, enjoying the perks of this vibrant beach.

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