Washington at its best: 5 places to explore near Seattle

As the 18th biggest in the country, the State of Washington ranks even higher when it comes to natural beauty. A land of forests, mountains, flowers and wildlife, this Pacific Northwest location marks one of the best possible destination for some days of, where outdoors, magnificent views and fresh air will be joining you every step of the way.

The best about this is that all of these places are just a few hours away from Seattle, one of the best-connected cities in the country. However, you won’t like to miss any single moment of the ride having to drive or finding a parking lot. Book a tour from Seattle with us and get an all-inclusive fare for a safe and comfortable to your outdoor adventure in Washington, and let your driver be you tour guide.

North Cascades National Park-1

North Cascades National Park

With 300 glaciers, this park only is home for over half of the glaciers in the continental United States. The result? Stunning views all over the place. But the view is just part of the park’s charm, that offers plenty of activities: from hiking trails for any kind of trekkers, bear spotting, camping and boating, you can enjoy this magnificent place for as long as you can, and never cease feeling amazed by its beauty.
The Park is located around 100 miles north of Seattle, meaning a 2-hour ride approximately.

Mount Saint Helens-1

Mount Saint Helens

Perhaps you will remember the eruption of this volcano in 1980, considered one of the most catastrophic eruptions in the 20th century. Over 40 years after, the zone still recovers from the event that reduced the peak of the volcano by 1,300 feet, while elevating most of the surrounding area. Different trails are open, and even the possibility to climb the volcano (a permit is required to do so) in order to watch the level of devastation that can still be perceived, and also to learn about the geological processes behind the eruption.
Mt. Saint Helens is 185 miles south of Seattle, about a 3.5-hour trip.

Hurricane Ridge-1

Hurricane Ridge

Located inside Olympic National Park, Hurricane Ridge Road is a must destination for the hiking lovers, offering astounding landscapes. However, is during winter that the ridge offers it best, and it’s a must for cross-country, snowshoeing, skiing and any snow-related activity you can imagine.
The ridge is 100 miles northwest from Seattle, a 3-hour ride.

Snoqualmie Falls-1

Snoqualmie Falls

The most visited waterfall in the State, and undoubtably the most spectacular one, Snoqualmie Falls is a 270-foot waterfall surrounded by a two-acre park, with an observation deck, gift shop, and the Salish Lodge.
This is by far the most famous waterfall in Washington, and people from all over the State go to visit it each year. There are several very good views all along the gorge rim, and a steep half-mile trail to the base of the falls. Just a half an hour west from Seattle, Snoqualmie is a destination you don’t want to miss.

Pacific Beach-1

Pacific Beach

This quiet State Park is located 140 miles southwest from Seattle, about a 2.5-hour ride. A flat sandy beach that goes for miles where you can spot old growth forests, stone cliff sceneries and the mystical views of the Pacific Northwest.

Fly a kite, have a peaceful running session, play with your dog, build sandcastles with your kids and go clam hunting during the season. Pacific Beach as the name states is the perfect location to spend some relaxing time with the astounding views of the ocean as your background.

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