Buffalo travel guide: exploring the Bison City

Western New York State has a soul of its own, proud of its origins as one of the first industrial centers in the United States, and Buffalo is the heart and soul of this region, which has undergone a massive transformation to become a historic but still trendy destination to visit now that tourism is once again a happy reality.
Visiting Buffalo New York is experiencing the revival of a proud city, a place where nature, architecture and history combine for us to behold the new era of the Bison City. Let us guide you through the checklist you need to have to spend an incredible time there.

Things to do at Buffalo

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  •  Visit Niagara Falls, explore the surroundings and make a quick trip over to Ontario’s Golden Horseshoe.
  •  Explore Buffalo’s local brewery scene, with dozens of spots where to try some of the city’s best beers.
  •  Go on a trip to Buffalo during winter, practice snow sports and spend some time at some of the winter festivals.
  •  Take an architectural tour around the city, one of the best places in the United States to witness the golden years of the art deco style.
  •  Taste the best wings on the birthplace of the world-famous Buffalo style wings.
  •  Spend the day at the city’s waterfront, with plenty of water sports, dining and drinking options and museums.

Arriving at Buffalo

Arriving (2)

Located at the northwestern corner of New York State, over the coast of Lake Erie, the city is just a few miles away from the Canadian border. Although the closest airport is the Buffalo International Airport, the larger, better-connected Toronto Pearson International Airport is less than 100 miles north of the city, and arriving through Canada is a good opportunity to visit the famous Ontario’s Golden Horseshoe region.
Regardless of your preferred airport, booking an airport car service in Buffalo is a good choice to avoid any down times waiting for a taxi or hailing a ride. With Elife, you can book any airport transportation service in Buffalo you need, from the regular sedan to a coach bus, in just a few clicks.

What to do in Buffalo

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Spend the day at the Waterfront

What once was the desolated, industrial part of the city it has become one of the trendiest hotspots in town.
Divided in 3 main zones (Canalside, Buffalo River and Outer Harbor) you will find plenty of things to do: water activities such as kayaking and paddle boarding, jogging and biking routes with astounding views, museums, several drinking and dining options and even zip lines that will let you enjoy the view from above. Buffalo’s waterfront is perhaps the best place to experience the city’s revival in the most enjoyable way.


Visit Niagara Falls

For decades, Niagara Falls have been a must destination among millions of tourists, but there’s more to see and do than just admire the might power of nature at its full. Both the American and the Canadian sides of Niagara Falls offer extraordinary outdoor activities for the enthusiast cyclers and hikers, museums and.
Once the Canadian borders open again, the Golden Horseshoe welcomes its visitors with its rich amazing Icewine, delicious produce, the splendid views of Lake Ontario and Toronto, Canada’s vibrant and most populated city.


Take an architectural tour in Buffalo

The city has one of the best well-preserved architectural heritage in the country, and one of the most representative examples of the art deco school in the United States.
Have a closer look at spots like the Electric Tower, the Old Post Office and the Erie County Hall. If you’re a fan of Frank Lloyd Wright’s work, Buffalo has many of his most representative works located in the city. You will have a trip to the architectural magnificence of early 20th on your visit.


Eat & drink like a local in Buffalo

With a booming brewery industry with well-cemented roots, the city has over 35 breweries and distilleries that will quench your thirst with their unique taste. You can spend a whole day touring the city’s beer and spirit scene and have a taste of Buffalo, literally.
It could seem kind of obvious but if you still have the doubt, the answer is yes: the world-famous Buffalo-style wings were born in Buffalo. There’s in fact a Buffalo Wing Trail that you can take to taste the best ones in town.
You can also have a glimpse of the local flavors at one of the famous Corner Taverns to sip some cocktails while you enjoy this brick and wood places with old juke boxes and friendly locals


Experience Buffalo’s Winter

Snow, ice skating, pond hockey, curling, skiing and why not? Football. Buffalo is good to visit in every season, but in the winter the city has a particular vibe hard to find anywhere else. You can go cheer the local NFL’s Bills and NHL’s Sabres and submerge into the frozen charm of the city.
Buffalo looks great in white, so a winter trip sounds and looks great to live the season in the lakes, an unforgettable experience.

Some history and facts about Buffalo

  • Called “The City of Lights” by some locals, the reason of this nickname is because Buffalo was the first city in the US to have streetlights, that were placed for the 1901 Pan American Expo that took place in the city.
  • It was during the Pan American Expo that former US president William McKinley was assassinated. In fact, Theodore Roosevelt took the presidential oath in Buffalo when McKinley died.
  • Although the weather is rather cold, surprisingly Buffalo’s warmer seasons inspired Willis Carrier to invent the air conditioner.
  • Buffalo stands proud as an LGBTQ-friendly destination.
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