A city in a forest: your Atlanta city guide

Perhaps the first thing you will notice about Atlanta is its natural beauty -giving it its “City in a forest” nickname- but the real wonder of it lives beneath the obvious. Maybe you’ve never thought of the capital and largest city in Georgia as your top-of-mind vacation destination. Well, today we’d like you to think twice, by giving you some of the best kept secrets this vibrant city has to offer its visitors.

What to do in Atlanta

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  •  Explore its heritage as one of the main places where modern civil rights were expressed, through its museums and streets.
  •  Visit the Georgia Aquarium, the biggest in the world, with hundreds of species, including the colossal whale sharks.
  •  Submerge into Atlanta’s exciting urban culture: explore its murals, eat at the largest drive-in restaurant in the world and more.
  •  Plan a street safari to find out what Atlanta’s iconic neighborhoods offer: from east to west, you will find unique things to see.
  •  Take a tour of his amazing sports venues. With teams in US’s major sports leagues, we’re sure you’ll love to be one of the fans.
  •  Organize a food tour to taste the flavors of the city, from the basic food trucks to high-end restaurants, you’ll stomach will be thrilled.
  •  Whether you arrive in Atlanta through its massive airport -the busiest in the world, connecting with hundreds of cities across the globe- or by ground, Elife is here to arrange your ground transportation needs in Atlanta.

The epicenter of the Civil Rights Movement

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Birthplace of Marthin Luther King Jr, Atlanta has been the ideological home of Civil Rights in America for decades. Proud of its African American heritage, but also of its continuous fight for equality across the country, you can learn about this critical moment in US’s modern history by visiting the National Center for Civl and Human Right –its location is not merely a coincidence-
You’ll find activities aimed to honor and raise awareness of the massive contribution of the black community in the city and the country all year long, that will make you improve and change your perspective about the importance of equality in the times being. Even if you’re in the city for vacation, there’s always a great chance to learn while you visit Atlanta.
Atlanta’s rich heritage is deep, progressive, and continuously evolving. Atlanta supports a bold expression of Black heritage and contemporary aspirations that spark Black excellence and pride. It is the heartbeat of the Civil Rights Movement, the largest collection of historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs), several historic churches, popular Black-owned restaurants, trendy lounges, and legendary art galleries.

Explore the sea without leaving Atlanta

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Come explore and learn at Georgia Aquarium, the nation’s largest and most magical aquarium! With 10 million gallons of fresh and salt water, the GA houses the largest single aquarium habitat in the world and more aquatic life than any other aquarium in North America. Georgia Aquarium offers shows, interactive animal interactions, animal encounters, Behind the Seas tours and more.
Over 1.000 species can be spotted here: sharks, beluga whales, penguins, jellyfishes, manta rays, alligators, sea otters… the list keeps going for long, and you’ll wish to have more time to explore this massive place, where you will both be thrilled and will learn about the major importance of the seas in our daily lives, even if we live miles away from them.

Exploring urban Atlanta

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Creative as it is, Atlanta boasts some of the most amazing murals in the country, scattered all around the city and being the perfect excuse to walk along its lively streets. Honoring its black history, being an Olympic city and some of its most beloved locals, from Martin Luther King to iconic rappers, having a street art tour in Atlanta is an experience full of color, uniqueness, and fun.
Starving for all the walking? Visit The Varsity at downtown. This enormous restaurant sitting on 2 city blocks can accommodate up to 800 diners inside. Opened in 1928, this famous Georgia chain quickly gained the reputation of being "the world's largest drive in". Offering amazing burgers and hot dogs, The Varsity is one of those Atlanta snacks you can’t miss.

Visit The Varsity

The Varsity-1

Atlanta’s vibe can easily be experienced through its lively neighborhoods, ready to show you its own way of living the energetic Southern culture. The city’s famous Peachtree Street runs through Atlanta’s most representative districts: Downtown, Midtown and Buckhead, where you will find a myriad of things to see, do and eat. The most spots in the city are located just blocks ahead from Peachtree Street, from the World of Coca Cola, LEGOLAND, the Botanical Garden, and the Centennial Olympic Park.
If you’re looking to explore a more intimate, off-the-book face of the city, visit the trendiest areas on the Eastside and Westside, where you will have a more exciting, unexpected view of the city.

Treat your inner sports fan in Atlanta

Pick one major league in the US and you can be sure Atlanta has its own team. From the MLB’s Braves to the NBA’s Hawks, the NFL’s Falcons and the MLS’s Atlanta United FC, the city is proud of its pro athletes, and you will usually find crowded stadiums and arenas during the season -or eventually they will, once COVID restrictions are lifted-.
Even if you’re not that of a sports fan, taking a tour through one of its iconic venues is a wonderful experience, especially the ultramodern Falcons’ Mercedes Benz Stadium, featuring one of the largest indoor screen systems in the world, a delightful visit for tech and architecture enthusiasts.

Put your craves at ease in Atlanta

A history tells that 3 top food critics were tasked to find the top 50 restaurants in Atlanta and ended up with 75, being unable to lower the list any further. The truth is undeniable: the city’s food scene is alive and kicking, and it gets better every day.
From farm-to-table experiences, amazing BBQ joints, uprising Asian food spots and even some dishes inspired and created during the major days of the Civil Rights Movement, you won’t be indifferent about the exciting and underdog-ish food scene in the city.

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