Rent a party bus everywhere you want to

No matter the reason, a party bus it’s a great choice for a private celebration, and considering the slow opening of our favorite bars, restaurants and even stadiums, party buses are full of pros, without the cons of social distancing with large groups.
Have you ever rented one? If the answer is no, then now is the best moment to have your first party on the road! Let us help you with the basic tips you need to get the party started.

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It’s all about the plan

Considering this is an hourly service, you don’t want to have any downtimes. What do you have in mind: a city tour or using the ride to go to an event? Have you defined the pickup location and time? Confirm your schedule with both your guests and driver.

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Don’t forget about refreshments

Do you want to take them with you or will you ask the driver to get them for you? Consider the number of passengers and make a quick survey to define what you will need to ignite the mood. If you’re taking snacks and beverages on your own, let your driver know how much are you going to take so he can help you with its proper storage.

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Set the mood

Talk in advance with your driver about what kind of music you’d like to play during the ride. The best option would be for you to take out the DJ inside of you and craft the greatest playlist for your event.

Your driver is also your best ally

Don’t hesitate to contact him with every special request you have to get the best experience with your party crew. Ask him about any route changes, additional stops or getting extra time for your ride, he’ll be happy to assist you.

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