Top destinations to visit in Mexico for summer

Warm days spent with warm people sound like the ideal plan for the season. If you’re planning to spend some days in Mexico for the summer, we have a nice little secret about this amazing country: not everything goes around the beaches. The country offers incredible spots to plan the perfect getaway, and we would like to show you some of them: from some famous spots, to the well-hidden gems.
If you’ve been living with the belief that Mexico is just about pristine beaches and getting the perfect tan while you sip margaritas by the pool, we will love to show you what Mexico has for you.



The capital of the state of Nuevo Leon is the third largest city in the country. An industrial and technological metropolis, Monterrey is also one of the best places to discover Mexico’s norteño culture and its aesthetic, gastronomy, music, and entertainment options. The city has so many things to see and do you'll definitely want to spend some extra time to explore it.
The views of the Cerro de la Silla will delight you. A city famous for its warm weather, the carne asada (roast meat) days, where family and friends meet around the grill to drink some beers and have some fun, have become more than a regular social gathering, a ritual. The city also has a deep baseball tradition, and its location near the US border has influenced the city so much that sometimes you will feel you’re visiting one of the most famous southern cities in the US.



The White City welcomes its visitors in southeast Mexico. The considered "safest city in Mexico" for the last decade is a quiet yet dynamic city proud of its Mayan heritage, offering some of the best gastronomy in the country, amazing Victorian architecture and natural wonders, that has been attracting both domestic and international migrants to the city.
Besides discovering cenotes, haciendas and archaeological zones in Merida, there are some other neighboring towns as Valladolid and Izamal, where you can have a closer look at the mix of colonial and pre-Hispanic history that built the state.



The capital of the state of Michoacan in central west Mexico boasts spectacular beauty, so it wasn’t surprising it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1991. Morelia is unique, from the moment you walk through its Historical Center framed by colonial buildings made of pink stone (Cantera). You can admire some of its magnificent 16th century Baroque buildings, when it was founded by Spanish settlers, when it was known as "The Garden of New Spain".
The city was originally called Valladolid, but its name was changed in 1828 honoring a Mexican Independence hero born in the city. The city’s historic downtown is one of the most beautiful in the country, and we suggest you to have lunch in one of the cafes and restaurants surrounding the cathedral. The city –along with the state of Michoacán- also offers some of the most spectacular Day of the Dead celebrations, where you will find colorful ofrendas and ornated cemeteries all over the state.



Known as "La Perla Tapatía" (The Tapatia Pearl) Guadalajara is a fascinating city, birthplace of some world-famous Mexican icons such as mariachi music and tequila . A picturesque city wherever you see it, combining urban development and the charm of a small town.
Its downtown hosts beautiful places to explore, where you can comfortably go for a walk. Just visit Plaza de Armas and you will see. This space has a beautiful kiosk representing the four seasons of the year and its architecture will remind you of the Art Noveau style.



Located in the state with which it shares its name, Oaxaca de Juárez is one of the most important destinations in Mexico, thanks to its cultural, artistic, and culinary legacies. A walk through its historical center will show you the greatness of its architectural heritage, than you will experience in places as the Santo Domingo Cultural Center, the metropolitan cathedral, and the Museum of Cultures.
A state also famous for its gastronomy, Oaxaca has become the epicenter of Mexican spirits since mezcal has become world-famous, and you will find some of the best spirits proudly produced in the state. extraordinary mezcalerías scattered all around the city, where you will find some of the best spirits proudly produced in the state.

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