The best transportation option when traveling with kids

What to expect when you got out with your family for a field trip or taking a ride to and from the airport? After following severe mobility and social interaction restrictions at home during the last year, children may experience different feelings towards the idea of going back to what we call “new normality”. It’s not an easy step, but we can do a lot to ease the experience.

Here are some essential tips for traveling with kids:

Book in advance

Book in advance

You don’t want to take your kids out for the first time in months just to be in line waiting, and that goes not only for flights and lodging. Avoid any unnecessary waiting by booking in advance as much as possible, and that includes your ground transportation service.

Travel light

Travel as light as possible

We have always tended to overpack, and this a good opportunity to leave this habit behind, and that includes things as child seats. Avoid having to carry pounds of unnecessary luggage that will become a burden and exceeding the height and weight limits of it, specially on your trip back home. Work a list together and build a lighter luggage form there.

Don’t forget the food

Hungry kids can easily become angry kids. You will thank yourself for carrying an emergency lunchbox in case of delays. Other travelers around you will thank you, as well.


Safety (and health) first

Traveling, specially abroad, have become a journey of continuous sanitization processes, that are followed by thousands of travelers each and every day. Take some hand sanitizer and disposable towels with you, in case any of these steps fail.

Don’t save on travel insurance

It’s not the best moment to say “no” to insurance when traveling. Make sure the one you’re hiring covers any known and possible issues you may face on your travel. COVID protection is a definitive must.


Let your kids document their trip

Give young kids a camera and guide them through the trip, letting them known they’re having a great tool to make their memories last. Giving this fun and important task will also allow them to focus.

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