What are NEMT services?

Non-emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) has become an essential service to avoid greater health care costs and for many elderly and disabled citizens.
As the CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid) establishes, patients that require this kind of service have unmet driving requirements, such as not having driver’s license, not having a working vehicle available in the household, or not being able to drive due to a medical condition, needing a special transport for that matter.

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Millions of people face the worsening of their medical care due to the lack of follow up on its doctor appointments. The situation means a dramatic increase on health risks as well as in the cost of further treatments.
Hiring a comprehensive and supportive NEMT service can mark an important difference in patient’s healthcare outcome. By allowing patients to be updated and followed up by their medical staff as scheduled, their chances to overcome any health issue improve significantly.

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A NEMT service is not just a regular ride hailing service. It must be provided by trained specialists that can provided assistance required by patients according to their age and disabilities. This service is regularly provided in vehicles specially equipped to transport patients with severe disabilities with the utmost safe and comfort.
NEMT vehicle drivers must fulfill a complete set of requirements and trainings in order to start providing the service. It is not an easy task, and that’s the reason the NEMT is not recommended to be provided by regular mobility companies.

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