Global wheelchair transportation services.

A WAV (Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle) represents a major difference for people with disabilities, being in many cases the only real option for people to move around. Considering that purchasing a WAV is prohibitive due to its cost and maintenance and since public transportation is not suitable, Elife has developed a platform allowing our customers to hire a ride for people with disabilities with ease.

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Our WAV fleet is managed by expert drivers that will help our passengers during the ride, including the assistance to get on/off the vehicle, strapping and securing the wheelchair (or providing one if necessary) and ensuring the passengers gets to the door of their destination properly.
Upon availability, our WAV fleet offers side-entry and rear-entry vehicles, with a staff of drivers well versed in treating passengers with disabilities in a caring, empathetic and respectful way, wether assisting senior citizens or passengers with severe physical disabilities

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Our in-advance booking system allows our customers to secure his ride, while getting an instant quote for any local or long-distance ride. NEMT services (Non-Emergency Medical Transportation) for medical appointments or ambulatory surgeries, door-to-door and airport transport services are available. By scheduling in advance, there will be no wait time in any ride.

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