Traveling during COVID: Restrictions in your next trip

Even though vaccination efforts advance steadily all over the world, new COVID variants and recent new waves of the virus striking countries worldwide are still a considerable threat, and the main reason most nations worldwide maintain travel restrictions for foreign travelers.
These restrictions differ from country to country, and even among states, provinces, or regions within them. Based on the pandemic dynamics, the restrictions may change at any moment, complicating any travel plan.
How can you keep track of any new travel restrictions for your upcoming international trip? You can find several trustful sources in the web, where you can keep updated and arrange any necessary changes to your travel schedule.



The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is a US agency in charge of the track and research of diseases domestically and abroad. For the last months, the agency has been following up the advances against the virus worldwide, providing an interactive map available for everyone to explore the current risk level of every country, along with specific restrictions to enter the country and general travel recommendations.



The International Air Transport Association, whose mission is to represent, lead and serve the airline industry worldwide, is aware of the enormous impact COVID still has on the sector, one of the most severely affected by the pandemic.
The association’s Travel Centre page offers an interactive map from where you can check the current restrictions and specific entry requirements for people traveling to/from specific countries or locations.


A Canadian independent initiative that works as a guide to get the proper documentation and current travel restrictions worldwide. Their website offers a complete guide that classifies countries in 4 main categories: Open travel, test & travel, testing & quarantine and restricted entrance.
With daily updates as countries change their rules, this is one of the most user-friendly sources of information for international travelers. The page can also help you know the proper documentation besides your passport to travel to any country in the world.


Famous flight meta searcher offers a site providing information for international travelers, including each country’s percentage of vaccinated population, which gets weekly updates.
You can enter your country and then get the travel status for each country in the world based on your travel starting point, an important feature considering the restrictions may vary based on that.

Tips for international traveling during COVID

  •  Keep constantly updated for any sudden changes in the travel restrictions on your destinations. We suggest you give a final check at least 48 hours (about 2 days) before your flight to confirm you will be able to enter the country.
  •  Check the entry conditions to your destination based on the vaccine you received. Even the “fully vaccinated” status may not be enough to avoid any testing/quarantine procedures considering the vaccine brand you got.
  •  Check with your airline the specific change/cancelation procedures in case there’s a sudden change in your destination’s travel restrictions. You may want to chose flexibility over price when choosing an airline for your upcoming travel.
  •  Lastly, when choosing your transportation to and from the airport and during your visit, choose private alternatives over the public choice, regardless of how safe and reliable it is. Remember than being full vaccinated just reduces the fatal risks regarding COVID, and it doesn’t eliminate the risk of getting infected.
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